Holistic Massage & Other Treatments 

Holistic massage therapy involves hands-on techniques to treat the whole body. 
Treatments are individually tailored for each client to help balance the body physically, mentally and emotionally. With many different forms available, we are sure you will find a treatment that suits your needs. 

Benefits of Massage Therapy 

Massage Therapy is highly relaxing, encourages the body to 'slow down', and is the perfect way of taking time out from our busy lifestyles to concentrate on our wellbeing. 
It can: 
Alleviate Headaches, tired and sore muscles, lower back, neck and joint pain 
Increase circulation and nerve flow 
Lower blood pressure 
Improve your immune system 
Reduce stress 
Help to ease depression and anxiety 
Increase flexibility and mobility 
Prices start from just £35 per treatment  
Swedish Massage 
This personalised treatment combines a variety of massage techniques, focused on the areas of your body which require the most attention. 
This is an ideal treatment to relax & balance the mind, body & soul. 
Benefits of Swedish massage 
Can help to reduce stress, anxiety, migraines, headaches, muscle tension, improve sleep patterns, circulation & the over all wellbeing of the body. 
Swedish Massage Treatments  
60 minute - Full body massage to back, legs, hands, face & head 
30 minute -Back massage 
45 minute- Back & Indian Head massage 
45 minute - Back, leg & foot massage 
Deep Tissue Massage 
Using a slow, firm pressure applied by the therapist's elbows, forearms & knuckles to release tension to the muscles.  
This treatment is perfect for breaking down tense muscles. 
Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage 
Helps to treat muscle pain & tension, lowers blood pressure, can improve athletic revovery & performance. 
Deep Tissue Massage Treatments  
60 minute - Full body massage to back, legs, arms & hands 
30 minute - Back Massage 
Hot Stone Massage 
Heated volcanic stones & a combintation of Swedish massage are used to sooth tired achy muscles. 
This treatment induces a deep state of relaxation. 
Benefits of Hot Stone Massage  
Soothes muscle aches & pains, cleanses & detoxifies the body which is great for boosting the immune system. 
Hot Stone Massage Treatments 
60 minute - Full body massage to back, legs, arms, hands with Indian head massage 
60 minute - Back massage & Indian head massage 
30 minute - Back massage 
Indian Head Massage 
A relaxing massage to the head, face, neck & shouders 
Perfect for relaxing & balancing the mind 
Benefits of Indian Head Massage 
Can reduce muscular, nervous tension & headaches as well as improving circulation to the head. Can also encourage hair growth. 
Indian Head Massage Treatments  
30 minute - Indian head massage 
60 minute - Indian head massage & back massage 
60 minute - Indian head massage & reflexology  
Relaxing Therapies Signature Treatments 
Relaxing Therapies Ultimate Treatments are designed for the ultimate get away, leaving you totally destressed, balanced & rejuvenated. 
This a chance to try Swedish, deep tissue, hot stone & indian head massage in a one-hour treatment or our 90-minute treatment includes a taster of reflexology  
60 minute - Ultimate Massage 
90 minute - Ultimate Deluxe Treatment 
Holistic Facials 
Indulge in our highly relaxing facials. Soothing massage techniques are used to the face, head, shoulders, arms & hands to help relieve tension, calm the mind & leave your skin feeling silky smooth with a radiant glow. 
Benefits of facials  
Facials help to reduce wrinkles by tightening face muscles they also rejuvenate, hydrate & detoxify your skin. 
Facial Treatments 
60 minute - Deluxe Facial  
30 minute - Express Facial 
All products used in our facials are natural, orgainc or vegan ( sensitive skin range) 
Additional Treatments 
Spa To You 
Perfect for every occasion, birthdays, hen parties or simply a catch up with friends or family.  
No need to travel to the spa, we will come to your home or chosen venue in the Cotswolds.  
Specially tailor-made packages to make your day extra special! 

Treatment Gift Vouchers 

Relaxing Therapies offer Gift Vouchers to an amount or treatment of your choice. Vouchers are a perfect gift all year round and for every occasion. 
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