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Reflexology & Facial Reflexology  

Reflexology is a natural, non-intrusive holistic therapy which treats the whole body. Special techniques and a gentle pressure are used to precise reflex points on the feet and hands to stimulate imbalances in your body, to restore balance and wellbeing. 
The perfect treatment when feeling stressed, overwhelmed and in need of some relaxation!  

Benefits of Reflexology 

This treatment induces a deep state of relaxation, boosts the immune system and creates a stronger, calmer mind. 
It also improves sleep, relieves stress, anxiety, concentration, energy levels, circulation and digestion.  
In addition, it can help aid painful periods, infertility, pregnancy, migraines, menopause and your overall emotional and physical wellbeing. 
Reflexology - 1hr treatment 
Highly relaxing treatment focused on your specific needs and balancing all the systems of the body. To benefit fully from reflexology, you may require more than one treatment to help balance specific ailments, disorders or conditions. This will be advised during your consultation. 
Reflexology and Back Massage - 1hr treatment 
Tailor-made to your requirements (back massage relaxation, deep tissue or combination of both techniques). Reflexology treatment will be tailored to treat specific aliments discussed during your consultation. 
Reflexology and Hot Stone Back Massage - 1hr treatment 
Highly soothing treatment. A combination of massage techniques using heated volcanic stones which penetrate deep in the muscles for an intense and highly relaxing treatment. Reflexology treatment will be focused on relaxing the nervous system to help with stress and tension. 
Stress Relieving Facial Reflexology - 1hr Treatment  
Stress disturbs our physical and mental well-being and can make us feel out of balance. Distubing digestion, sleep patterns, our out look in life, energy. We also hold lots of stress with in our mind and face. 
Facial reflexology is a beautiful treatment which works by stimulating reflex points on the face to relax and calm the body and mind. It also aid health and well-being. 
It really is one of the most relaxing experiances, which will also leave your skin glowing. 
Includes our very own aromatherapy products & Tropic products 
Foot Reflexology to support the Menopause- 1hr Treatment 
Reflexology can support women during the menopause. Reflexology is highly relaxing, it can also improve mood, release tension from the body, mind, aid sleep and improve well-being. 
Detox & Glow - 1hr treatment 
Using a combination of massage techniques to the face, head and shoulders, this treatment is relaxing, relieves tension and promotes circulation to your face, reduces wrinkles and tightens facial muscles.  
Cleanse, tone, exfoliation, mask, our own aromatherapy skin care range will be used to leave the skin with a healthy glow. 
Reflexology treatment will concentrate on the skin. Many skin disorders are due to stress, excess toxins, hormonal imbalances or digestion disorders. 
Reflexology can reduce puffiness and tension around eyes, balance the endocrine system, digestive system, help with elimination of waste, improve circulation to face, neck and improve sinus imbalances. 
Reflexology and Indian Head Massage - 1hr treatment 
Relaxing massage to head, face, shoulders, arms and hands to reduce muscular and nervous tension, headaches, improves blood flow and encourages hair growth. Reflexology treatment will be tailored to your specific needs and relaxation. 

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