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Relaxing Therapies are proud to offer a range of products to help enhance your wellbeing 

Our Products 

Heat Bags 
Rest the warmed bag over your eyes and forehead to relax and calm your mind of worries and thoughts. Perfect for meditation and to aid sleep. 
If you are experiencing aching, tired muscles, rest the heated bag over the afffected area and let the heat absorb into your body. 
Only £8.99 each 
Chakra Lava Bead Bracelet 
Each coloured bead has been chosen to balance your Chakras. The lava beads absorb negative energy and can help to calm you in times of stress and anxiety. 
Add a few drops of your chosen essential oil to the lava beads, and enjoy the aroma throughout the day. 
Only £5.99 each 
Buddha Oil Burner 
A perfect way to enjoy the scent of essential oils and wax melts. 
Only £7.99 each 
Aroma Salt Lamp 
Add a few drops of essential oil in water to the glass dish, and the heat from the bulb will warm the oil for you to enjoy. 
Himalayan salt lamp benefits: 
Balances electronic pollution in the air 
Reduces allergens and irritants 
Helps sleep 
Relaxing and calming 
Improves mood 
Only £27.00 each 
Hand Massage Roller Ball 
Great for keeping on your desk to help with tension and knots in all areas of the body. 
Only £8.99 each 
Aromatherapy Wax Melts 
Aromatherapy wax melts made from natural essential oils to aid your health and well-being. 
Immunity Boost 
Sleep Well 
Only £3.99 each 
Wellbeing Collection 
Enjoy all four blends for just £14.50 
Please Note: 
Where product blend is not specified, you will be contacted prior to delivery to confirm your choice. 

Gift Vouchers 

Gift Vouchers are a perfect gift all year round and for every occasion. 
£10 Gift Voucher 
£15 Gift Voucher 
£20 Gift Voucher 
£25 Gift Voucher 
£35 Gift Voucher 
£45 Gift Voucher 
£65 Gift Voucher 
£100 Gift Voucher 
Terms & Conditions 
Vouchers are can only be used once and for the amount shown on the voucher.  
If the treatment is more than the value of the voucher, the rest of the treatment can be paid by cash, card or bank transfer. 
If the whole amount of the voucher is not used, another voucher for the remaining voucher sum will be issued. 
Vouchers are only valid up to and including the expiry date. 
Refunds are not available for vouchers already paid for and provided. 
Our standard Cancellation Policy applies to all voucher use.  
If the full cost of treatment is not covered by the voucher, the client will be invoiced for the remainder of the treatment's cost. 
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