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What a week! it's really great to be back treating everyone. This week has bought mixed feelings for both myself and my client's getting used to the new normal. Whilst we are all so excited to be back, some things are taking a little while to get used to.........THE FACE MASK. 
The home made material masks are very hot and hard to breathe in, if you are in them for a long period of time.  
Makeup melts and ends up on the fabric. After each treatment I have found my self washing my face. Also the backs of your ears do become sore.  
Here are a few things which I found to make things more comfortable :- 
Wear little or no make up 
Face mist products are great for hydrating skin 
Carry drinking water with you, so when it is safe to do so you can hydrate 
Put on and remove mask from the ear elastics and not touching the mask 
Skin care routine should be done before going to bed each night to prevent skin congestion and spots 
Lavender and Aloe, cooling balm (by Neal's Yard Remedies) is perfect for soothing the backs of your ears 
Masks made by sports brands are more breathable and softer on the face and ears 
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