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Getting back to normality has been great for my mental well-being. I am enjoying the new structure of my business, being grateful for what i have, instead of feeling like i need to have more. Being able to treat again and listening to all of my client's different experiences of Covid-19 has been really lifting. 
Physically my body has been struggling to get back in to a routine, due to feeling low in energy. I know from past experiences, diet plays a key role in this. I am sure many will agree lock down lead to many an over indulgent time. 
After watching Down to Earth on Netflix and it reconfirming what i already know, that fulling our bodies with the correct foods has a massive impact on how our bodies work and feel. Being more mindful and listening to what our bodies are telling us is also key for the body to work and feel at its best. If we take time to listen it really does give us the answers. 
My body was defiantly wanting more vegetables and to feel loved and nourished. One week in to eating a Vegan diet i am already feeling the benefits:- 
More energy 
Sleeping better 
Less bloated 
Skin feels and looks healthier 
Brain is more awake 
Digestion and bowel movements are less sluggish 
All of the meals i have made are from the Vegan one pound meals by Miguel Barclay. The recipes have been simple, easy to follow and delicious. Its also given me time to enjoy cooking from scratch with fresh ingredient's and to appreciate how its tastes and makes me feel physically and mentally. 
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