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I have been so lucky during Covid-19 to be able to teach and support parents with the simple techniques of reflexology giving them a natural alternative to aid their childs health and well-being. 
As a therapist it was a little strange as first teaching online as we like to be very much hands on. But i have quickly got used to zoom meetings and now love teaching this way. It takes the stress away from parents needing to be somewhere at a certain time meaning they are more relaxed and baby, being in their home environment. 
The workshops are normally taught in groups no bigger than 4 to 6 so that everyone gets my full support. I teach from charts which get sent to you in the post and the techniques are demonstrated on baby reflex feet (babies) or on hands (toddlers). There is lots of interaction during the workshop, people asking questions, note making, showing the techniques back to me. We always start the workshop each week with a catch up to see how everyone is getting on and share ideas and experiences of how baby has slept, digestive stories. I keep the workshops very relaxed and we have some laughs listening to each others stories. 
The parents really enjoy the online workshops as they get to catch up with friends, people they have met at antenatal classes or get to make new friends, which due to Covid-19 interaction is the one thing my lovely parents have been missing the most. 
My workshops are broken down in to four weekly, hourly sessions, each with a different topic. This way you get to practice the techniques and we always go over any points if required. The topics we cover are:- 
Week 1 - Sleep, comforting & bonding 
Week 2 - Digestion and feeding  
Week 3 - Well-being - Teething, colds, ear ache 
Week 4 - I normally let the parents have a choice of recapping techniques or they have the opportunity to learn hand reflexology to aid their well-being 
I have had some great feed back over the last few month's and i have loved hearing how reflexology has helped babies and toddlers to sleep, eased constipation, helped with teething or simply just given the parents and child a closer bond. 
If you would like to talk more to me about my baby and toddler reflex workshops, please send me an email. enquiries@relaxingtherapies.co.uk 
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