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Anxiety disorders are one the main things i help my clients overcome at every stage of their life. It takes something small to trigger it and can really upset the way you live every day. 
From my own experience my anxiety took over me living my life to the full, i was worried to drive, go out, make decisions and i was happiest when i was alone or asleep. 
I started to look for help from a range of Holistic therapist's as i did not want to take medication as i knew i would have to come off them at some point. So i would regularly go for reflexology or have a massage treatment. I found these treatments would help me to feel calm, give my brain a moment to stop and reset. It was my safe place where nobody could get me. I also found that the benefits these treatments gave me would last for a while helping me to be happier and more confident at work and at home. 
Along with holistic treatments, i also started to practice mindfulness and meditation which helped me to rewire my brain and focus on the present and i have learned to not live in the past or the future or let my ego which makes you aware of your fears control me. Meditation is my go to thing when i need to take time out for a few moments. It really helps you to see things with new eyes. 
Exercise also played a key part in helping me maintain my anxiety, I enjoyed high impact exercise at first like boxing, or aerobic exercise but as i have started to get older my body prefers less strenuous exercise such as yoga, walking or Thi-chi. This took me a while to accept at first, but the more i have attuned to my bodies needs i know this is the correct exercise for me and has great benefits for the physical and mental well-being of the body. 
With this all in place and starting to see a light at the end of the tunnel that i could maintain my anxieties naturally i was still missing the final part of my puzzle and that was diet. I have always been hung up in the way i looked rather then listening to what my body was crying our for and that was a healthy balanced diet. I knew that certain foods were not agreeing with me as i felt tired and just out of my body all of the time.  
After no help from Doctor's i looked in to Kinesiology and found a fantastic lady who worked with me to find out which foods were causing me to feel so out of touch with myself. Gluten, Dairy, refined sugar and caffeine where the foods which were making me feel unbalanced and this was because i was eating alot of these foods as i thought they were helping to give me energy. 
I now have a more mindful approach with food i eat when i am hungry, not because of an emotional attachment. All of my food is prepared in advance and made fresh and is nourishing for my body, i also know exactly what it contains.  
Now that i have all of my key factors under control and i take time to listen to my body and what it needs, i am and feel like a completely different person.  
These experiences i appreciate as they have lead me to become a holistic therapist and mindful nutrition coach and i now help women with stress and anxiety problems lead a happier, healthier life with confidence. 
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