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Lets talk feet.  
Our feet do so much for us, but its part of the body we seem to neglect the most. 
Why is this? 
Many people say to me I do not like my feet they are ugly.  
They are in my socks nobody sees them. 
Maybe we just take them for granted? 
From a reflexology point of view your feet tell a story and they can be a key factor to our health and well-being. Without our feet we would not be able to move and do the things we enjoy. 
I have put together The beautiful feet collection to help you take more time to focus on taking care of your feet. 
It includes: - 
Peppermint, lemon and cypress foot spray which can be used throughout your day to ease. aches, pains and swelling to the feet. 
Peppermint and lime foot pumice to help dry skin. 
Spearmint volcanic pumice foot mask which is perfect for moisturising your feet. 
Himalayan bath salts to relax your muscles and and tension from the body. 
Space mask the perfect relaxation accessory. 
If you would like to order The beautiful feet collection, please visit our well-being shop www.relaxingtherapies.co.uk 
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