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Making sure that you drink your recommended daily intake of water (2 ltrs) is something i advise my clients to do as aftercare advice as it has so many great benefits for the body. 
I look at water as the oil of the body and it helps us to move, think, remove waste, get food vitamins and minerals to our organs.  
When my clients say i do not like water i explain the above analogy and ask them would you not give your car oil? The answer is always NO because it would not work. So why deprive your body? 
Here are a few examples of what water does for the body 
It's the oil of the body 
Lubricates your joints 
Helps your skin to stay healthy and hydrated 
Helps you to think clearly  
Help you you to perform and feel better 
Removes waste from the body 
Helps you to stay hydrated 
Helps transport important vitamins and minerals to our body organs, for energy and nourishment. 
Top Tip: -Add some flavour to your water by infusing over night with your favourite fruit. 
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