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Having a mindful relationship with our food helps us to make better choices, identify when we are hungry or full, manage our weight successfully and say good bye to yo-yo dieting. It also helps us to let go of eating emotionally, feel good inside and out and allows us time to appreciate what we are eating. 
Maintaining a mindful approach to eating enables to recognize the effects it has on our body. The benefits are quickly felt when this is practiced.  
More energy 
Manage weight successfully  
Naturally choose healthy foods 
Mind, body and spirit feel better 
Our bodies feel nourished an healthy 
Making mindless choices with food can make us 
Struggle to maintain a healthy weight 
Feel tired, sluggish and stressed  
Have weak immunity leading to sickness 
Have an emotional attachment to food 
Prevent you from living the life you truly want to be living  
When preparing your next meal do so with a mindful approach take time to, choose fruits, vegetables, foods that are rich in vitamins and minerals that will make you feel nourished and content. Set time out of your day to appreciate eating, the taste, the way it smells and how it makes you feel. 
Avoid processed foods, refined sugar, foods with a high fat content and alcohol. 
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