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After exercise it is important to rest and relax not only our muscles but our body and minds. 
Essential oils are a natural way to help stress, tension, aches/pains and are perfect way to help the body to relax and rejuvenate. 
Here are 5 essential oils which can help soothe tired, aching muscles. 
Basil oil- is a perfect muscle reliever, it also helps to relieve stress from the body. Basil can also help to clear the mind making it a perfect oil if you want to fully focus on your workout. 
Majoram oil - Helps ease muscular aches and pain after sports. As it is a warmer oil it can calm over active minds and relieve stress and tension from the body. 
Peppermint oil- Has cooling properties which will help you to cool down quickly after exercise. Peppermint is refreshing oil and can give you a boost if feeling tired and fatigued. 
Lavender oil - Ideal to use after exercise when wanting to relax after as strenuous workout. 
Ginger oil - Helps to relieve muscle cramps, spasms and sprains, perfect for massaging in to muscles after a workout. 
How to use essential oils safely 
All of the above oils can be added to a bath after exercise add 4 drops to a small cup of oat milk and add to warm water and relax for 20 minutes. 
Aromatherapy massage helps to keep the aches and pains away, especially if you work out regularly. The added benefit of aromatherapy essential oils to massage is the perfect way to soothe, relax and recover after exercise. 
If you would like a personalised massage oil, bath oil or massage butter made for your need, please send me an email. 
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