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Last Month i was invited to feature in a Company's monthly health and well-being news letter. 
The focus was about the improtance of self-care and massage therapy. 
As it is massage at work week i wanted to share this artivle with you as it also highlights some top tips of how you can look after yuor health & well-being at work and how to bring selfcare in to your day. 
In a very busy and chaotic world we can sometimes neglect to fully look after ourselves and often continue in our hectic lifestyles without much thought to our own health and well-being. Emma Dicker owns Relaxing Therapies in Stroud. She kindly agreed to discuss a little about self-care, why massage is an essential alternative therapy and what we can do to help manage the physical impact of daily pressures that we may encounter. 
What is self-care? Why is massage therapy important? 
Self-care is so much more than just a bath on a Sunday night. Self-care is about looking at the body as a whole. Our lifestyle, the food we eat, movement/ exercise, our thought process, the amount of sleep we have and allowing ourselves to take time out to do the things we enjoy and relax. 
As a holistic therapist we look at all these things during the consultation process to come up with the best plan for your treatment and changes you can make to improve your health and well-being. 
Massage & Reflexology work closely with the nervous system to help reduce stress, improve circulation, flushes toxins from the body and boosts the immune system. It also helps to reduce muscle tension and soreness, gives you time to relax and rebalance. 
Overall holistic therapies can improve your overall health and well-being. 
How did you become involved in holistic therapies and why? What different therapies do you offer? 
I became interested in holistic therapies, after having my own experience of struggling with stress, anxiety and sleep issues due to my overwhelming lifestyle which massively impacted my health and well-being. 
Having regular massage and reflexology helped me to overcome my problems. It also offered me an alternative and natural way to not only manage but maintain my health and well-being. 
This led me to wanting to learn more about massage, reflexology benefited the body physical and mentally, so that I could help other women with similar issues. 
I am now on a mission to prove self-care is not selfish! 
I offer a range of different holistic therapies such as Swedish massage, deep tissue, Indian head, hot stone massage, reflexology and I am in my final stages of studying Aromatherapy. 
Have you any tips or tricks that could be used for a quick boost, for someone working in an office or warehouse environment? 
Making sure you take your allocated breaks, use this time to go for a walk, think about what you are eating or simply sit and read. It is thought that just 10 minutes out of your day to focus on your self can lower stress and improve your productivity. 
Also fuel yourself little and often with healthy, nutritious foods and water rather than sugar and caffeine. This will help you stay energised throughout the day. 
Essential oils are another great way to get a quick boost throughout the day. Here are 3 of my favourite oils I use when working to get me energised and focused. I use these in a diffuser or on an aroma stick. 
Rosemary – Good for focus 
Grapefruit – Uplifting. Good to help fatigue and concentration when feeling tired in the morning. Relieves stressed minds. 
Peppermint – Helps to relieve headaches. 
(Always check safety data for oils. Some oils are not suitable for epileptics, high blood pressure, pregnancy and other ailments.) 
Do you have any other suggestions to reduce stress, general aches and pains, and to help promote better lifestyle? 
Be mindful at looking at your body as a whole and listen to what it needs. Eat a healthy varied diet, stay hydrated, exercise (does not have to be high impact walking counts) stretch have fun and take time to relax. 
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