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I used to hate looking in the mirror and i know many women find it hard. 
I am not sure why as women we see ourselves in such a bad way and feel the need to put ourselves down. Learning to love everything about ourselves can be all the love we need to create a happier life. 
Here is a little about how changing my thought process changed the way I looked at the world and helped me with my health and well-being 
When I used to look in the mirror, these were the thought's that used to go through my head 
What do people really see? 
What do people really think of me? 
I am too fat  
I am a failure 
Nothing I do get's me to where I want to be  
Why does nobody want me? 
Why does nobody love me? 
What do people say about me behind my back? 
I used to worry so much about everything this all came from experience's I had when starting my journey as a young woman. 
Through life I never valued myself, I would never say no, I had zero respect for myself and how others treated me, but this all started to change for me after hitting burnout a few years ago. I went on a journey to find answers of how I could change. Learning new things. experiencing new things, all this helped my health and well-being. 
I realised I need to break negative patterns, set boundaries, take time for me before others, do things that made me feel good. I have learnt to value myself, I am comfortable in my own skin and I enjoy my own company. 
I now look in the mirror and say  
You are beautiful  
You are kind 
You are doing thing's to make others feel better and yourself 
You have achieved do much 
I love everything about you 
I also now thank all the people and experiences which made my journey a little bumpy, because without them I would not be the person I am today. 
The moment you come away from negaive patterns and change your mind talk to positive thinking, that's when thing's start to change. It also lowers stress. Negative thinking had a huge impact on my health and well-being. 
My weak area used to be my kidney's due to worry and fear, which caused lot's of problems with my digestive system ( research the Chinese body clock) but this is so much better, still needs work but miles from where I Started. 
Everything that you think and put out to the universe can effect not only your though process but your health. 
The biggest thing I have learnt is you are here to create a life that fill's you up and makes you feel good. You are not here to worry about other's and think or feel you should be doing. 
Give this a go, write all the things down that you are good and love about yourself and say them in from of the mirror daily. It's hard at first but it feels so good once you get used to it. 
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