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Menopause affects every woman's life differently. Hormonal changes, hot flushes, palpitations, anxiety, depression these can be some of the changes you face. 
Essential oils can play a natural aid in these symptoms by balancing hormones, calming anxiety, easing cramps, boosting mood and relaxing muscles. 
Here are some of my favourite essential oils for the menopause: - 
Clary Sage -helps to relieve headaches, relax muscles, painful cramps and aid menopausal symptoms. Also an uplifting oil, ideal for soothing nervous tension such as panic attacks  
Cypress - regulates problems related to menstruation, fluid retention and excess sweat 
Geranium - helps to balance hormones, its an uplifting oil, prefect for balancing the mind and body emotionally  
Rose (damask) - Is an effective antidepressant, helps to relieve stress, insomnia, stimulates positive emotions it also regulates menstrual problem's 
Jasmine - balance hormones and improves self- confidence, lifts depression and clams nerves 
Peppermint - helps to regulate body temperature as it is cooling and refreshing. It's a great aid to the digestive system and can ease headaches 
For a pre-blended oil our menopause oil which helps to soothe emotional & physical imbalances which can occur during the menopause. Ideal to use in the bath, diffuser, or as body spritz. Click here for more information  
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