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During lockdown the holistic and well-being sector was closed for 7 months when people needed it the most.  
I wanted to still be able to help women with their health and well-being during this time so I started to create a list of ideas and the three main reasons why women come to me for treatments. 
1) Stress, overwhelm and burnout 
2) Sleep issues 
3) Shoulder and neck tension ( my massage skills are required for this) 
Creating a planner meant that I could still help and guide women through the issues they are experiancing and they can track the changes they are making 
The busy woman's planner was created to help busy women prioritise their goals and to do lists in to small manageable chuncks to avoid the feeling of overwhelm. It also encourages you to find time to focus on your own well-being, with a simple self-care planner to guide you. Taking just 10 minutes out of your day for your own self-care can reduce stress and change your mindset. It also gives you a place to reflect and celebrate your wins. 
The perfect nights sleep planner helps women who are struggling with sleep get in to a natural routine. I share lots of tips and you can download a Free sleep meditation. 
Being interational book lovers day it made me think about how much I love letting my mind get lost in a good book having it to hold the smell all adds to the experiance of reading. 
To find out more about my planners, please click on the link 
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