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This week as we are in the month of love and close to valentines day I wanted to remind you self-care is not selfish and that we need to take time to look after ourselves and not just others. 
Each day this week I will be talking to a different health and well-being expert to find out more about what they do, recommendations on how to look after health and wellness and what they like to do to take timeout. 
Today I have been speaking with Leanne Butler from Bakeeze who loves to bake. Baking has played a big part in her Well-being. 
Tell me a little bit about yourself. 
I am a mother, a partner and a daughter to a widow and I have been to some dark places, none of these things define me but all of these things help me to be the person I am today. Moreover, 
I am a well-being Warrior on a crusade to help as many people as I can have the best possible experience of life, to feel such a sense of freedom that they can express themselves fully and follow any dreams they have. 
How did you come up with the idea of Bakeeze? 
I have been through 2 major burnouts, I was consumed by business and working hard, consumed by the pressures of being someone other people thought I should be - I had no time to think straight and could not get a handle on my life, everything was fuzzy nothing was clear. After I landed up in the Dr’s office a total wreck. I walked out with an antidepressant prescription I never intend to take. That moment I took control and chose to do something for myself - weirdly I started to bake, and taking that time out and only focusing on the recipe made a huge difference to me. I a became a regular baker ( btw I am no Mary Berry!) and the fog cleared - I actually felt free - Bakeeze was born and purposeful baking became a reality. 
What is the one thing you would recommend to people with regards to health and wellness during this time? 
Take time out to be creative and in the moment. Do something that means you can only focus on that task. It doesn’t have to be baking that’s just what I choose to do. 
How can baking, affirmations help our well-being or share a top tip? 
Mindful, purposeful baking helps to you to give yourself permission to get off your hamster wheel, there is an end result you can share ( or not lol) linking affirmation to a specific recipe as in in my Bakeeze cards give your mind a positive focus and helps bring clarity to your fuzziness and ultimately helps you see the skills you can channel to be successful. 
What do you not recommend doing during this time? 
Watching /listening /reading negativity on the news and social media- misery loves company and as soon as you indulge in this you are keeping the wrong sort of company - it will only lead to fear and anxiety. 
As this month I am focusing on the importance of self-care tell us what you like to do to take time for you? 
Baking Obvs - my other love is just being outside, I run, I walk and I generally love “Hooning' about with my son. 
Tell us one interesting or fun fact about you 
I love classical music, hardcore rave and Metallica - kind of sums up the story of my life so far lol 
Thank you for sharing your story, So looking forward to doing some mindful baking using your recipes for success. 
To find out more about Leanne and Bakeeze visit her Instagram page @bakeezeuk or go to her website www.bakeeze.com 
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