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Happy 2021 .  
I am so sorry its late but as i am sure you are aware being in personal care industry has been a real all or nothing roller coaster and some what draining. 
With the sad news of not being able to open my business again i have been working hard on making changes to my business so that i can still help people online with their health and well-being and i have also take some time to focus on my own. 
I am on a mission to get women to realize how important self care is as part of a daily routine and it's not a selfish act like we seem to have trained our selves to think it is. 
Here is how i have been working self-care in to my day. (Some may say its easy for me as i am not home schooling, but i am still working virtually, studying for an aromatherapy diploma and working hard to bring new things in to my business.) 
Each morning i make sure that i have a nice long walk with my dog Jaffa, breathe in the fresh air, take in the birds singing and the colours around me. I try hard not to think about what i have planned to do so that i can really give my brain the space it needs to wake up. 
After my walk i normally have some breakfast a herbal tea and then have a shower. As much as i love sitting around in my jogging bottoms i have been trying to make my self look presentable as i find i am more productive if i do my hair and make up - Silly but it works. 
I then make a list of three things i want to complete in the day, this way i am do not feel overwhelmed by what i am trying to achieve. 
Lunch i always take around 1230 i try and keep this as healthy as possible and avoid caffeine, sugar and processed foods as they make me feel bloated and sluggish. Lunch is always eaten away from my desk, phones, the TV as i find it give me time to refocus and clear my mind. 
I then do some more work and around 330pm i take the dog for another walk, the last few days as the weather has not been great i have taken a 20 minute nap when i have got back as my body feels tired. Normally i would just carry on but i am trying hard to listen to what my body needs.  
Dinner i try and keep as healthy and as fresh as possible the last few weeks i have also given up alcohol as my body has not been enjoying it. It was making me feel really out of touch with myself. I am now three weeks alcohol free and my moods better, skin and i feel less bloated. 
Bedtime i try and read an hour before bed and have been practicing some hand reflexology each day. I keep a notepad next to my bed so if i wake with lots of idea i can write them down, i am finding this really helps me go back to sleep. 
These are a few things i have been doing during my day to be a bit kinder to myself so that i am not feeling completely worn out each day. 
If you are looking for ways to take 10 minutes each day from your busy routine and focus on you, please get in contact with me i would love to send you one of my FREE self-care challenge planners. 
Remember self care and loving yourself is not selfish it helps you to power through another day! 
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