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Headaches can be a problem at any stage of our lives. The most common cause that i treat in my practice are stress headaches which are normally related to peoples lifestyle or lifestyle choices they make. 
Here are some simply lifestyle changes you can make to help relieve headaches 
Stay Hydrated - Drink plenty of water through out the day  
Avoid tea, coffee, alcohol - These are headache stimulants and can dehydrate the body 
Avoid Sugar - too much can over simulate the adrenal gland which can cause stress to the body 
Eat regular healthy meals - to make sure the body has enough fuel to get you through the day 
Aim to get 7-8 hours of sleep a day 
Take breaks if you work at a computer or phone to avoid eye strain 
Use a cold compress to the neck and head to relieve pain 
If you feel sick try sipping a cup of peppermint tea 
Relax in a warm bath add a few drops of lavender or peppermint essential oil 
A tea spoon of honey can help restore blood sugar levels 
I also recommend the following treatments 
Massage to the neck and shoulders as this can release tension to these areas and help you to relax and remove stress from the body  
Indian head massage helps with blood flow to the head and can relive pressure, also very relaxing and a great way to let go of stress 
Reflexology can also provide instant relief from headaches as it can balance hormones, help you to relax and relieve stress and tension to the body. 
Interesting Fact 
Did you know that people visit their doctor regarding headaches more than any other condition and more drugs are prescribed and bought for this condition than any other. Most headaches are linked to lifestyle rather than an under lying issue. 
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