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It's so important to have a sleep routine, which you do every night around the same time so that your body knows its time to relax. We are creatures of habit and our bodies love routine. 
Here are 5 things that you can do before you go to sleep every night to ensure that you sleep well. 
Have a warm bath in your favourtie bubble bath 
Do your skin routine here to make sure the day is washed away and your skin feels fresh 
Spray a few drops of lavender pillow mist on your pillow (Neal's Yard Remedies do a fantastic one) 
Drink a warm herbal tea, with camomile, lavender or honey in (perfect to help you feel warm and relaxed inside) 
Turn off your phone and tv an hour before you go to sleep and read or listen to a good book or some relaxing music or a meditation of your choice 
I hope this helps you to have the most perfect nights sleep 
If you are struggling to sleep, please send me a message, i would love to talk to you more about natural sleep soloutions. 
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