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As the world is opening up, summer holidays are on the way as well as the warmer weather, it is easy to lose focus and become overwhelmed . 
Having a place to put all your important appointments, things to do, shopping list, notes activities and more is the perfect way to avoid feeling mentally and physically frazzled and most importantly stay organised so that your never miss that appointment again and make time out of your busy life to relax and make memories with your loved ones. 
Here are 5 reason's to use a planner to stay organised through the summer. 
Keep everything you in one place 
Planners give you a place to put everything you need to remember and achieve in one place. They help you to break your to do lists down in to yearly, monthly, weekly and daily focuses.  
As well as daily tasks planners can also be place where you can plan your weekly menu, vacations, budget and time for you own health and well-being. 
Helps you to stay organsied  
Planners are a great way to break your every day to do list in to small manageable chunks.  
Monthly planner pages can help you keep track of important dates and appointments at a glance  
Weekly planner pages are great way to schedule plans or tasks for the week, work our meals and exercise plans 
Daily planner pages help to get your day in to order, by working out your focus for the day. Top things to do, keep track of your daily water intake,food, budget, exercise, self-care and a place to journal and reflect on your day. 
Achieve realistic goals 
We all have goals and dreams that we wish to achieve. Some times when we feel stressed and overwhelmed we become stuck and feel that our goals are unreachable.  
Being organised and having a plan can help you work towards your goals. Breaking everything you need to do in to manageable chunks and tracking what you are working towards can keep you moving forward.  
Improve your productivity and focus 
Planners can help you to manage your time better in your work and personal life. Having a clear plan of what you need to achieve daily can help you to reduce stress so that you can stay focused and productive.  
Staying on top of your everyday tasks and work schedule will give you more time to do the things that you enjoy. 
Lowers stress and the feeling of overwhelmed  
Planners give you a place to put everything that you store in your brain on to paper. So there is no more missing appointments, sending important emails or having to let your friends down because you forgot because your frantically running around trying to catch up with everything you have missed. 
Staying organised helps to lower stress levels, anxiety and depression as they give you time to plan in time to relax and take time to do the things you enjoy. 
Planners also give you a chance to reflect on all of the things you have achieved. Don't forget to celebrate your wins, this will keep your mood uplifted. 
Are you a busy woman? 
Do you struggle to take time for yourself? 
Do you feel overwhelmed and struggle to prioritise and stay organised? 
The busy woman's planner can help to break down and prioritise your social and work commitments into small manageable chunks. 
It also gives you the space to schedule time for yourself, keep track of your health and well-being, and reflect on your achievements to help you stay positive and productive. 
Included is a daily self-care ideas planner that can be used in your recharge hour to help you focus on yourself and reduce stress and pressure from your busy day. 
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