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Reflexology can be wonderful aid during the menopause as it can help to balance hormones, control hot flushes, aid sleep. reduce tension/ stress, relax the body and help to control feelings and emotions.  
Many women that i work with during the menopause become over whelmed and find life challenging as they are still trying to understand the changes their bodies are experiencing as well as go about their normal lives. Some of my clients take hormone replacement medication prescribed by their Doctor's which work for some and still safe to have reflexology along side but these can cause side effects, such as bloating, weight gain, depression and cause blood pressure to rise.  
The women i work with want a more natural / holistic approach in controlling their symptoms, so as well as the reflexology treatment i also look at simple lifestyle changes which can be made such as diet, exercise, essential oils, and self care to help them feel more confident going about their every day life. 
Top Tips 
Light regular exercise is great way to help physical and mental well-being during the menopause 
Try to reduce the intake of tea and coffee as this can deplete the body of nutrients 
Reduce sugar intake as can over stimulate the Adrenal glad, which can put extra strain on the body  
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