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Aromatherapy wax melts are a great way to enjoy the benefits of essential oils and their therapeutic properties. 
Wax melts to most people are just something that makes the house smell nice. Using aromatherapy wax melts your not only getting a beautifully blended aroma but you are also experiencing the powerful benefits of the essential oils. 
I love to burn wax melts through the day as I find they help keep me uplifted and towards the evening I swap for a more relaxing blend to help me unwind after a long day. 
Here are 5 ways you can use our aromatherapy wax melt's through the day. 
Whilst at work 
Our energy, happy, detox and immunity blends are perfect to use during the day. 
Energy - uplifts mood to give you a boost of energy to get through the day 
Detox - helps to cleanse and detox the mind 
Happy - is a happy uplifting blend which leaves you feeling warm and bright 
Immunity boost - is a perfect boost when feeling under the weather 
When feeling stressed and overwhelmed  
Our balance, self love and de-stress blends are perfect to help calm, relax, re-balance and give you confidence to get through the day. 
When feeling under the weather  
Immunity boost has been blended to help you when you are feeling tired, experiencing winter colds. The essential oils help to relieve sinuses and keep you uplifted through the day. 
After a long day 
Run a bath and burn one of our balance wax melts this beautiful blend works with each of the Chakra's within your body to help restore balance and positivity within the body . 
Preparing for a perfect nights sleep 
Our sleep well wax melt has been blended with essential oils to prepare you for a good nights sleep helping you to feel relaxed and grounded, so that you can sleep peacefully  
All of our wax melts have been blended with natural products to work with your health and well-being. To see our full range, please go to www.relaxingtherapies.co.uk and visit our well-being shop. 
Please note: our wax melt range is not suitable during pregnancy. Also please do not burn around animals. 
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