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Stretching is so important, many people think you should stretch only after exercise. 
If you sit for long periods of the day your muscles will also need a good stretch as muscles like your hamstrings and glutes(bum muscles) can become tight. Shoulders can become rounded putting a strian on other areas of the body and an lead to a bad posture. 
Stretching helps our muscles to stay flexible strong and healthy. It also helps to maintain a good range of movement in our joints. 
Not stretching, can lead to our muscles becoming tight and short. We are unable to extend the muscles during activities, which can cause strains, weakness or damage. 
Yoga is a great form of gentle stretching and can be added to your day in the morning, during the day and before bed. I love yoga by Adriane or yoga with Kassandra who can be found on YouTube. 
If you exercise it's always good to stretch before and after your workout. 
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