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During the winter our skin can feel dry, dull, tight and dehydrated. 
Here are 5 top tips to leave your skin feeling healthy and glowing this winter. 
Moisturise - This will help to keep your skin feeling soft and hydrated. Swap your normal face wash or cleanser to a cleaning milk this will add more moisture to the skin during the winter months. 
Exfoliate - Great way to remove dry dead skin and keep your skin feeling smooth. 
Omega Oils - These help the skin internally. They help to reduce red, dry, itchy skin they help to seal in moisture and keep irritants out. Flax seed are a good alternative for vegetarians and vegans. 
Face Masks - Use a hydrating mask as opposed to a clay mask again to improve and keep in moisture. 
Eat a balanced diet and hydrate - Eating a range of winter fruits, vegetables and fish will help the skin feel nourished and obtain the vitamins it requires. Drinking water in the winter is just as important as in the summer. We may not feel dehydrated but heating and low humidity levels can leave our skin feeling dry and itchy. 
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