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Baby Reflexology Workshops 

Baby Reflexology is a natural, non-intrusive therapy which can aid your child's health and well-being.  
The workshops will show you simple and gentle techniques to the feet or hands which will help to soothe and clam your child whilst strengthening your bond. 
What is a Baby Reflexology Workshop? 
Baby Reflex workshops are a fun and easy way to learn specially adapted Reflexology techniques to aid your baby or toddler’s health and wellbeing. 
Techniques are natural, non-intrusive and can eliminate or relieve discomforts and support a child’s growth, as well as encouraging natural bonding between the child and parents. 
‘Baby Reflex’ workshops can only be taught by a fully insured qualified Reflexologist who belongs to the Association of Reflexologists and has re-trained and qualified as a ‘Baby Reflex’ Practitioner. 
Why Baby Reflex? 
Baby Reflex techniques are great skills to learn. Not only is reflexology a natural safe alternative to aid your child’s health and wellbeing, once in a routine it can make them feel safe and secure. 
Studies have shown that regular positive touch releases oxytocin (the 'feel-good' hormone), helping increase bonding between parent and child. It can also reduce stress and aid brain development. 
It is a great way to guarantee bonding time for you and your baby or toddler. In time they will look forward to their reflexology treatment, as they love routine and the gentle feather-like pressure is soothing and calming – so much so that many will fall asleep during their treatment! 
Unlike standard baby massage, the Reflex techniques can be done fully clothed, meaning it can be done at anytime and anywhere.  
How did Baby Reflex begin? 
Jenny Lee (MCSP, MAR), a chartered Physiotherapist, Reflexologist and Teacher, who worked with Mothers and Young Children for over 15 years, carried out pilot studies with GPs designed to examine the effects of Reflexology on childhood asthma. 
The results showed that the severity of asthma was reduced, the children slept better and had a greater ability to relax, which in turn improved their quality of life and increased the bond between child and parent.  
Behaviour was better and the children enjoyed their treatments. It is due to these encouraging results that Jenny developed the concept of ‘Baby Reflex’. 
Who can attend Baby Reflex Workshops? 
This is not a training course to enable you to teach or use the techniques shown on any baby or toddler.  
This workshop enables parents or guardians to use the techniques shown exclusively on their own baby or toddler. 
Online Workshops – 1-to-1 or Group Workshops: £45 per person (online workshop) 
Baby Reflex Workshops show you techniques to support your child with: 
Bonding & Calming 
Wind & Colic 
General Wellbeing 
Boost the immune system 
Can help conditions such as asthma 
Baby Workshops (4 weeks to 10 months) are taught in 3 weekly sessions which last around an hour and will teach you reflexology techniques to the feet. 
For the Group Workshops, the groups are small to ensure that you receive individual support, so that you feel confident to support your baby using these techniques on your own. 
You will also receive a parent pack which will include guidance on all techniques learnt during the workshops. Email and phone support are also available after the workshop is finished. 
Areas Covered: 
Week 1 – Sleeping & Comforting 
Week 2 – Feeding & Digestion 
Week 3 – General well-being to include teething, earache and sinus issues. First Aid 
For more information and to keep updated on our Baby & Toddler Reflex Workshops, please check out our dedicated Facebook page... 
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